Most Successful ICOs in Q1 2018

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have managed to raise almost $4 billion dollars in 2017, but it seems like 2018 will be even more profitable, as the amount of collected funds grows exponentially. Let’s take a look at the most successful projects in 2018 so far.


Zilliqa is a public blockchain with sharding support, which gives the platform unique scaling capabilities. The investors who took part in this ICO got staggering 37x returns in USD. Such ROI is significantly higher than the ROI of all other ICOs in the present list. Zilliqa features different consensus mechanism and has the ability to process even millions of transactions per second thanks to sharding technology.


TomoCoin (TOMO) boasts 7.18 ROI in dollars, which is very impressive. TomoCoin is the utility token for the Tomo application, which will be used on the Tomochain infrastructure. The ROI in BTC is 8.16, which is good but still cannot be compared to Zilliqa’s 60.89 ROI in BTC.


Zebi (ZCO) is a blockchain based platform aimed at governments and big businesses to protect their sensitive data. Although the company is based in India, the quality of the service is premium and the prices are very competitive. The participants got 5.73 ROI in dollars, 7.19 ROI in BTC, and 6.66 ROI in Ethereum.


Ontology is a blockchain network that combines distributed identity verification, data exchange, data collaboration, procedure protocols, and other features. The ICO provided the investors with impressive 30x returns in dollars and stellar 68x in BTC. The coin currently trades at the all-time high of $10 USD.

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